Old school shaving has become a whole new hobby for me. It has become my little rebellion against the modern day rush.

Fast food may relieve your hunger, but it is not an enjoyment. Likewise can a multi-blade razor and foam from a can remove your beard, but it is not an enjoyment - nor is it cheap.

Good food takes time to cook, as well as a good shave takes time - then it is just a question of what your priorities are. I have decided to choose the good experience over "let's get this over with".


If your hip and all modern, you'll think this is a step back, and in some way it is, but I see it more as "back to basic", because it works, and it works great.


This has become my hobby and beyond getting a good experience, the hunt is now set for the perfect shave. I don't think anyone can say precisely say what makes the perfect shave, because it will be totally individual.

But put shortly; it will be when you have found the perfect brush, the perfect razor, the perfect soap or cream to which you have developed the perfect technique to stir up to the perfect foam. Then it is just to make the perfect preparations, lathering up and do a shave that just pins it. You have of course found the perfect after shave to finish it off.

That's it. But the journey to the perfect shave will be long and adventurous, as there are so many products in all these categories that you are bound to take a long time before you have found the right combination - if ever.

Well, I have decided to go for it - I have started my journey and I'm excited to where it takes me :o)

Below I have listed and showing my hard- and software. I have also started adding a document with the ingredients in the different soaps, creams and after shaves.


I also has an interest in photography, and I have come in contact with others who also are interested in traditional shaving and photography on a couple of forums on the internet. There are sections where people take pictures of the shaving equipment used that particular day - nerdy I know, but fun.


My pictures (SOTD) can be found here.


My Truefitt & Hill Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave experience can be found here. Or as pdf (opens in a new window).


My DE-razor with Razorpit® test can be found here. Or as pdf (opens in a new window).



Equipment (my hard- and software in the art of shaving)


It wasn't my first thought that it should get this extensive, but the collection of shave related equipment has run a bit out of control, so I can't have it all in one page and still have a good overview of things, hence the subdivision below.


Bowls, Mugs & Cups







Cream, foam & gel

After Shave





The stating of the substances use is in no way meant as a fact of use in the specific product. Some substances may have been added with another purpose than the one I'm stating in the documents below. The use of the substances is what I have found to be the most common. The main part of information about the ingredients is found at ChemIDplus Lite, Miljøstyrelsen (The Danish Environmental Protection Agency), Miljø & Sundhed ("Environment & Health" - independent information center), Cosmeticsdatabase and Wikipedia (English and Danish versions). There may be a small part of supplementary data found on other sites I have evaluated to be trustworthy.