I wish You a warm welcome to my personal website.


This is my first attempt of creating a website

so if something isn't working properly, that will be my excuse.

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A little info about the chap himself


Born in the western part of Denmark in the glorious year of 1966.


I didn't know what to do after the gymnasium (equivalent to high school) so I joined the Royal Danish Air force, thinking I would know what I wanted within a year or two.

Well, time flies when you are having fun, so my career as a professional soldier lasted 10 years (1986-1996).

Just for information; HAWK is a SAM system. SAM meaning Surface-to-Air-Missile. The missile system and the 8 squadrons placed in Denmark was closed down in the beginning of 2005. Take a look at my former squadron www.esk534.dk


Due to the rightful diminishing of funds for the armed forces after the collapse of the regimes in eastern Europe, I decided now was a good time to make a career move.

I did by studying to be a laboratory technician and for almost 11 years I worked in the department of Formulation Development for an agro-chemical company, Cheminova.

After so many years it was time to seek new challenges, and I moved focus from pesticides to food and feed, at Eurofins-Steins.

After almost 6 years at Eurofins-Steins, the company decided to close all activity in my town and move the laboratory, and as I wasn't interested in making the move to the new site, I returned to chemistry and real production, and I am now employed at Lundbeck, a pharmaceutical company, where I analyse raw materials, intermediates and API's, which mean the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.


I'm a little of a technical buff and I simply love fiddling with the various apparatus and machinery used to develop and test the products.

This interest for technique can also be seen in some of my interests outside work.


If You want to know more about crop protection please follow these links:  



If You want to know more about Eurofins-Steins, follow this link: www.eurofins.com
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I have chosen to categorise the hobbies that take the most of my spare time as follows: Cars/Mc, Planes, Photography, Music, Travels and shaving