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Spring Pasqueflower


The Spring Pasqueflower (Lat. Pulsatilla Vernalis) is a small alpine flower, which bloom very early in April-may. The Spring Pasqueflower is very rare and totally protected, it is to be found on the Danish Forestry Commissions Red List - link to list (in Danish)



The flower is not only endangered and retrieving in Denmark, it is retrieving throughout most of Europe.





The pictures below are from 2006






Club moss


The Club Moss family (Lat. Lycopodium) is a family of Pteridophýta (I don't know the English word), where several are rare in Denmark.

The species I have seen here in the western part of Denmark is; Stag's-horn Club moss, Stiff Club moss, Fir Club moss (very rare), Deeproot Club moss, Alpine Club moss and Marsh Club moss.



Stag's-horn Club moss                        Stiff Club moss



Fir Club moss                          Deeproot Club moss



Alpine Club moss    Marsh Club moss


The pictures below of Deeproot Club moss are taken in the spring of 2006





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