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Funny/odd names


The priority of names is most likely only of interest if you are Danish, so I haven't been bothered of making an English page, but if You want to see the names, click here to open a new window of the page in Danish.


Together with name and picture I have entered the coordinates of the place. I have used UTM32 EUREF89 which is given as the primary map-projection in Denmark by the National Survey and Cadastre.


Names marked with * are names of places, and therefore no sign is available, instead as a form of documentation that I actually have been there, I have taken a picture of the coordinates on my GPS.


The coordinates can be plotted and the place shown on an on-line map provided by the National Survey and Cadastre. You can find the web page here (opens a new window in Danish).


Click 'Find et sted' (a new window will open, if it doesn't you might use a pop-up blocker), You then click on 'Stednavn' (~name of place) or 'Koordinater' (~ Coordinates, but I'm sure you already guessed).


Just below the map is a dot marked 'Vis centerkoordinat' (~ show centre coordinate), if You click this, the coordinates will be shown - again in UTM32 EUREF89 format.


One of the pictures contains the coordinates in degrees and decimal minutes, it was taken before I changed my GPS to show coordinates in the UTM format.


An Excel spreadsheet to convert from and to UTM and latitude/longitude format can be found here.


Miscellaneous photos of my Duc